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Blood Alcohol Testing Machines

The Service Guide then continues with a list of what it terms "functional errors"; that is, malfunctions for which there are no error messages to alert the operator:

  • No Breath Tube Heat
  • Blinking Stops, But No Sample
  • Instrument Samples Early, By Itself
  • Blinking Does Not Stop When Instrument is Blown Into
  • Supervisor Buttons Don't Function
  • Difficult or Impossible to Blow Into Instrument
  • Improper Operation of Pump
  • No Display
  • "Not Calibrated"
  • Printer Runs Continuously
  • MTR Button Doesn't Function

The Operator's Manual adds a few more ways the BAC Verifier/Datamaster can malfunction:

  • Invalid Sample (the manual reads "mouth alcohol is being detected, subject is not providing a proper sample, or the instrument is out of adjustment"—but does not indicate which )
  • RFI
  • Calibration Error—Fatal Systems Error

These, the manuals stress, are only the more common sources of error possible with the Verifier/Datamaster. The Service Guide adds the following interesting comment: "If your instrument exhibits a symptom that is not identified in this guide, please notify us so that we may update our symptom information library" (emphasis added). This for two reasons:

  1. There is an entire library of things that can go wrong with this machine!
  2. The manufacturers are not even aware of some things that can go wrong: They are soliciting information about newly discovered defects for their presumably ever-growing library. What malfunction will be discovered next!

It is also interesting to note that the Verifier/Datamaster has an internal self-checking diagnostic system, run by its computer. Of course, garbage in equals garbage out, but in theory such a readily available diagnostic check might detect malfunctions in the machine. Yet these checks are performed only periodically and not before each test. Despite the fact that such a check would detect, for example, whether the critical temperature of the sample chamber is 50 degrees, such a check is almost never done immediately before or after a DUI suspect is tested.

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