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Insurance companies will increase premiums after a drunk driving conviction by as much as two or three times. In most cases, this is simply price gouging as the statistical incidence of accidents caused by convicted first offenders is far below the level that would justify the increases. There are no laws regulating the premiums charged, however; they vary wildly from one company to another and certainly justify comparison shopping.

How a DUI Conviction Affects Your Insurance
Information on a national level from the insurance industry.

What Your Insurance Company Knows About You
An inside look at how auto insurance companies get information and what they are likely to know about you and your driving record when you apply for coverage.

What happens to my insurance after a DUI?
Helpful information about DUI and car insurance, SR-22s and “5 mistakes that raise your insurance”.

California Assigned Risk Plan
This is a processing center for putting drivers in touch with insurance companies who are required by law to cover them.

Serenity Insurance
DUI specialists will help with getting the California DMV's SR22 Proof of Insurance after a DUI.

Proof of Insurance
Another insurance company that will provide assistance with the SR22 form from the DMV.
Information on "high risk" insurance, getting the SR22, etc.

California DUI